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So raise a glass to teenage girls for their linguistic innovation. It expands our expressive vocabulary, giving us new words and modes of expression. Speakers may nostalgically look to a previous golden era of English, but the truth is that Shakespeare’s English is an abomination of Chaucer’s English, which is an abomination of Beowolf’s. Language is inherently unstable. It’s in a constant state of flux, made and remade—stretched, altered, broken down and rearranged—by its speakers every day. Rather than a sign of corruption and disorder, this is language in its full vitality—a living, evolving organism.

Gabriel Arana, “Creaky Voice: Yet Another Example of Young Women’s Linguistic Ingenuity” (via floreses)
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I love art - no.47

Konstantin Razumov, Russian (1974-present).


Basically this is a 3am drawing ramble i did a while ago that i decided to throw some colour on. 

Dragons are the best though.

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make me choose:
» merder season 2 or merder season 9 [asked by anonymous]

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His eyes two nebulaeHis hair a star clusterShining bright, bright bright!Inspired by shootbadcabbies' brilliant star!john


His eyes two nebulae
His hair a star cluster
Shining bright, bright bright!

Inspired by shootbadcabbies' brilliant star!john
Someday I’ll be writing about someone who loves me back.

10 word story (via seelengekritzel)

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